vs Other Direct Mail Automation Options?


If you’ve found this page you’re probably also considering other options for your Direct Mail needs.

One of the first things you’re probably considering is price, so let’s get that out of the way.

With our business plan, you get the following pricing:

  $.49 Postcards, $.99 Letters, & $1.79 Notecards... 

Here's a quick look at what these sending types look like in real life...

And Here's a Quick Tour Of Some Of Our Features..  

Realistic, High Converting Handwriting Fonts

Choose from various font styles and set your colors. Thanks to proprietary technology that varies hand angles and simulates pressure on the page, your recipients have a hard time knowing you didn't personally write the message.  

sophisticated Campaign Functionality

Automatically trigger mail like drip email. Send after a certain number of days, on contact birthdays, on specific holidays, or even on the same strategic days every year. 

QR CODE Tracking

Offer promo codes, review bribes, and simple cta's that take people back to your website via QR scan. When your code is scanned, you're notified via email and api. 

ADDRESS Collection Landing Pages

Easily create high converting pages that collect addresses and automatically send follow up mail to your customers. You can click here to see this feature in action and request samples from us now. 


Install our provided javascript snippet into your website body. Then whenever your visitors "allow address" they can be automatically sent a postcard, notecard, or letter that calls them back to your site. 

INTEGRATEs With Pretty much everything.... 

Automate sending from your shopping cart or crm via our robust api, or no code connector systems like Zapier & Integromat. 

If This All Sounds Interesting…

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