Case Study: Real Estate Listing Farming With Api-Handwritten Postcards


In this real estate postcard farming example we do a few things.

1. Push offline traffic through a forwarding/tracking url that allows us to measure results.
2. Use ‘s postcard builder to quickly generate an “api handwritten” card that looks like the agent actually wrote it.
3. Used the geo map builder and used a list builder to quickly generate a list of homeowners in the zip code who have been living in their houses 5-7 years.
4. Pushed send and got the whole thing done in minutes!

As mentioned in the video, you can send campaigns like this for as little as $.39 cents a card, postage included!

You should be able to hit at least a 1% conversion rate over time, especially if you’re touching the same neighborhoods multiple times per year… but even with a 10th of a Percent (.1%) conversion rate this should still ROI really nicely…

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