During these “uncertain times,” how will your business be remembered?

I know that we want to be remembered as a company who:

  • Helps American businesses connect with Americans.
  • Helps our Main Street companies keep their lights on.
  • Helps larger companies keep marketing so they can pay their employees
  • Supports our most vital institution that is the lifeblood of the United States.

So let’s talk a little bit about what we do and why it’s patriotic.

The growing team at Thanks.IO helps businesses all over the world reach customers in America…and beyond.

We do it with one of the institutions that has served America best…the US Postal Service…with one of the mediums that has stood the test of time, the Post Card.

You laugh, but as our client Peter Newport said “Who doesn’t like a Postcard?”

Marketing That’s Baked Into Our Constitution

Before the United States Constitution ever mentions our Army or our Navy, it gives Congress the power to establish laws that make up our post office. [aside] US Constitution, Article I, Section 8, Clause 7, Aka: The Postal Clause. [/aside] Our founders believed that connection and communication was so vital that it was written in the very beginning of our founding documents.

Since our country was founded, we’ve always been connected via the mail. The founding fathers wanted a country that was connected to each other.  That was designed on purpose.  

After the Civil War, when the business of America was business, the mail became a way for everything to be done. For almost 100 years, the World-Famous Sears and Roebuck Catalog brought the power of American industry all throughout our country. Other retailers followed suit and for decades mail-order has been a source of strength. Our businesses could access and make offers…all facilitated by our post office.

American Business Is Done via Mail

Today, it still goes on.

We think of giant American success stories like Amazon sending out packages. And, yes, that’s an important part of our Post Office. But the mail also is the life-blood of other businesses:

  • “Mom and pop” shops making personal protective masks (and anything you can think of) on Etsy.
  • Sellers on Custom Ink sending out their own T-shirts.
  • The large numbers of Shopify sellers who sell everything you can imagine.
  • Blue chip companies that need a way to communicate with their customers.
  • Seniors and others rely on the mail to supply affordable prescription medicines.
[aside] Anyone that ever started a business knows that even Google can’t get the word out without sending a ton of postcards. [/aside]

The mail is where stuff happens.  There are other options, too. Fedex and

If We Want To Stay Connected, The Mail Is Worth Protecting

If “the business of America is Business” then the Postal Service is the Lifeblood of America, bringing everything to everyone all across this vast and rich land.

The post office has a universal service mandate.

It’s required to send packages to every residential address in the land at a uniform price.  It’s why a lot of businesses can afford to exist.  This way the designer in Brooklyn can now reach out and sell to the rancher in North Dakota or the surfer in Maui.  We are connected and we are protected because the Mail keeps us all together.

This is embodied by the post office’s famous creed

Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.

Now with our politics more tense than ever, the future of the post office is in doubt. But since the mail is in the Constitution, and keeping our whole country connected is worthwhile, then we need to what we can do to stay connected.

So follow this checklist to make your marketing the most American it can be:

  1. Does your marketing have an offer?
  2. Does your marketing have a call to action?
  3. Does your marketing reach its target for as little as .49 cents per American Home?
  4. Can your marketing be kept on someone’s fridge for years?
  5. And is the delivery of your mentioned in the United States Constitution?

If it is, great.

But if it’s not, you might want to to consult with us.  Together we can make a message that helps keep America together and strong!

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