Message Scripts

Want To Sell?
Hi, The market has been pretty active lately, and we’ve got a number of buyers looking for a house in XYZ Neighborhood. If you or anyone you know is considering selling in the next year, please let me know? -Your Name, Number P.S. — Oh also, if you’d like to get on my “Propertunity Knocks” email list.. where I send a list of interesting investment property opportunities every weekend, just text me at the number above… Thanks…

Rent To Own – Home Partners Of America
HI %FIRST_NAME%, If you’d like to purchase a home, but aren’t quite able to qualify for a mortgage yet, we might be able to help. We have a program where you can shop for a property of your choosing.. then we buy it and rent it back to you under a “lease purchase” agreement. If you’d like more details, feel free to call or text me anytime. Your Name, Your Number

Website Retargeting Thank You Message

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, Thanks for visiting my website a few days ago. If you ever have a real estate related question you need an answer to fast, feel free to text me anytime at the cell number below. Thanks!

Farming – CMA Offer
Hi %FIRST_NAME%, If you’d like a detailed report showing what your house might sell for in today’s market, send me a text… I’ll run the numbers and send back the report within 1 or 2 days. Thanks!

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween. Here’s to hoping your house still isn’t haunted this year 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you and your family have a great day… But if things feel a little cramped and you’re thinking you might want a bigger dining room and kitchen for next year, feel free to give me a call 🙂

Expired Day 1

Hi, I noticed you had your property for sale, but it looks like maybe it went off the market without selling? If you’re still interested in a sale, can you give me a call/text? (I might have a buyer…)

Expired Day 3

Hi, Are you still trying to sell your property? I have a few questions about it, if you have a minute to call/text me? Thanks.

Expired Day 8

Hi, I have a few “outside of the box” marketing ideas, that might help you get your property @ %ADDRESS% sold. If you’d like to talk about them, feel free to call me…

Expired Day 14

Hi, Figured I’d send 1 more card… if you’re still thinking about selling %ADDRESS%, give me a call or text? Thanks!

Merry Christmas

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, I hope you and your family have a great holiday season. Feel free to be in touch anytime!

Considering A Sale? We Have Buyers

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, If you’d consider a sale of %ADDRESS%, we have a number of buyers looking in the neighborhood. Please text me if your interested. (or if you know of any neighbors who might be thinking about a move?) Thanks !

Seller Lead Follow Up – House Value Inquiry

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, Thanks for checking out the value of %ADDRESS% on our site the other day. If you’d like to talk a little bit more about what the property might sell for in today’s market, feel free to text me. Thanks !

Fixer Upper List

Hi, If you’d like a current list of local “Fixer Uppers” and other real estate “deal” types (like foreclosures, motivated sellers, and cash flowing income properties), text me and I’ll send it over… Thanks!

Past Client – Happy Housiversary

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, Can you believe it’s already been a year since you bought your house? If you’re thinking you might be ready to buy another property as an investment, get in touch and we can chat. Thanks!

Past Client – Happy Holidays
HI %FIRST_NAME%, Happy Holidays! If you’re thinking you might want to buy someone a new house for Christmas this year, let me know.. I can help with that 🙂

Past Client – Smoke Detector

Hi %FIRST_NAME%, Just a quick reminder to check on your smoke detector batteries… Hope you’re doing well…

House Anniversary Year 1

Hi, Congratulations! It looks like it’s been 1 year since you bought your house. Time flies right? If you’d like to explore buying 1 or multiple investment properties this year, give me a ring. Thanks!

Absentee Owner

Hi, If you have any interest in selling your property at %CUSTOM1%, please give me a text or a call.. (We might have an interested buyer…) Thanks!

Property Management

Hi, We provide a wide range of property management services. If you’ve like any help managing your property at %CUSTOM1%, feel free to give us a call. Thanks!

Recruiting – Switching Offices
Hi, If you’re thinking about switching real estate offices sometime soon, let me know. I’d enjoy the chance to chat with you about what we have to offer! Thanks,

Recruiting, We Have Extra Leads

Hi, We have a surplus of quality leads, and are looking for 1 or 2 hungry agents who might want to join our team. Text me if you might be interested?

Low Money Down Home Purchase

Hi, If you’d like to learn more about low or “no” money down financing options (including grant programs) that you might qualify for, give me a call or text. Looking forward to hearing from you,

Renter First Touch – Landlord

Hi, If you’re ready to stop paying your landlord’s mortgage, and start paying your own, let me know 🙂 Thanks,

Fast Cash – What’s Your House Worth?

Curious about what your house might be worth today? Feel free to contact us and we’ll give you a “fast cash” offer within 48 hours…

Fast Cash For Your Home

Hi, If you’d consider a sale of %ADDRESS% sometime soon, we can make you a fast cash offer. Just call or text if interested. Thanks,

FSBO, Last Attempt

Hi, Just sending 1 last card… Give me a call if you’re ready to get some of my help getting your property sold. Thanks,

FSBO Another Try

Hi, Figured I’d try again… if you’d like to talk about how I can help get your property sold, feel free to call or text… Thanks!

FSBO, Still Trying To Sell?

Hi, If you’re still trying to sell your property, I might be able to help. Give me a call?

FSBO – Pay A Buyer’s Commission?

Hi, If you’re willing to pay a buyer’s agent commission, I might have a buyer for your property. Let me know? Thanks,