Here below is a “Gift Card Bribe” direct mail based flow you can use to generate more in-home solar appointments.

Mailing List Details

6×9 Postcard Image (specific to each homeowner)

6×9 Handwritten Message (with QR Tracking)

Whenever the QR code is scanned the homeowner is taken to your calendly (or other booking software) link to schedule the appointment.

At the completion of the appointment, the promised gift card is mailed via

In our example we’ve set the bribe amount to $50, but you can choose any amount you’d like?


We’ll set the entire campaign up for you free of charge. All you have to do is committ to’s $49/month business plan and at least 200 6×9 postcard sends a month ($.89 per card postage included).

If you committ to more than 1000 cards/month we’ll give you exclusivity in your target zip code.

Use The Form Below To Claim Your Zip Code & Get Started Today!

Solar Appointments
If your desired zip code isn't available you'll see a warning and won't be able to continue.
How Many Gift Card Bribe Cards Would You Like To Send Each Month?
All pricing includes campaign setup and maintenance, business plan access, printing, and postage. Gift cards are paid for separately when redeemed by homeowners.