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“Handwritten” Direct Mail That Generates Leads, Sales, Reviews, & Repeat Business..

100% Automatable. Starting at just $.49 for 4×6 Postcards & $1.19 For Letters. [Postage Included!]

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Webinar: How To Increase CLTV With Handwritten Postcards

  • Autosend From Your Favorite Apps & Services via Zapier & API.
  • Easy to Use Design Tool with Lots of Ready To Go Templates
  • “Retargeting” widget you can install on your website and auto-send postcards to your visitors.
  • Quickly build mailing lists using our import feature, map tool, and “buy leads” option which lets you buy demographically targeted lists on the fly.
  • A powerful “Campaigns” feature that lets you send multi-card drip campaigns, and recurring birthday/holiday cards all on complete autopilot…
  • and more…
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Is Our Handwriting Real?

Humans do not write our postcards. Think about all the carpel tunnel surgeries we are preventing. Furthermore, for 49c we would have to own an illegal sweatshop to pull this off. We do however utilize the next best thing…a hybrid font/AI system that starts with twelve custom handwritten fonts that are directly modeled off real handwriting. We took that a step further by altering the pen pressure, line angle, & glyphs to truly fool even the most cunning observer. Try it below!