’s chrome extension makes it very easy for salespeople to prospect and follow up by sending physical postcards and letters to the physical mailbox.

You can click here to install the extension from the chrome web store.

Then once installed the extension will look for any addresses present on a web page.. if it sees any, it’ll light up, and you can:

  • Add the Address with Prospect name to a Mailing List
  • Or immediately trigger a postcard by choosing an image and message template from inside the dashboard.

If you choose the “send to mailing list” option, any existing multi card/letter campaign rules will take hold.

As Ryan shows in the video, one of the most efficient ways to use this tool is to search Google Maps for a certain business type. Then quickly add address to using the extension.’s direct mail chrome extension offers a fun, totally FREE way to build targeted mailing lists for your B2B and sales endeavors!

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